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AusCorp™ is a full service information and communications technology (ICT) integration and solutions company. AusCorp™ focuses on Small, Medium and Large scale business and enterprise infrastructure, applications and services which are designed, developed, deployed and supported by our highly skilled technical and management team. These solutions are created from best-of-breed, industry-standard components, acquired through international partnerships with the world’s leading technology vendors.

Auscorp International Company (known and referred to as AusCorp™) is one of Nigeria’s foremost firm of ICT. The firm is 100% owned and managed by Nigerians. Incorporated on the 5th of July 2011. The firm operates today as a Private Limited Liability Company under the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, Pursuant to Section 659. AusCorp™ was built on Innovation, Dedication and flexibility to the rapid growth of Information Technology around the globe.

We provide end to end User interface and user experience services in Desktop and Mobile. We deliver UI / UX services to meet todays ‘designing trends. The designs are tested for user experience internally before sharing with customers.

  • Web and mobile UI design from scratch
  • Website enhancement and redesign
  • Responsive design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile site Designing
  • Virtual Shops and eCommerce
  • Online Catalouges
  • Portal Systems
  • Dynamic Website
  • Table Less Website Designing And Lots more

Brief History

In 2005, the company was born out of creative and innovative mind. Activities carried out by the firm as at the time of birth were downloading of applications and configuration of phones and laptops. The firm commenced operations fully on the 8th of April 2010. AusCorp™ has been focused from the beginning to provide state-of-the-art, next generation telecommunications and information technology systems and solutions. The company started as a professional consultancy offering start-ups and Business Centre Services in Orhuwhorun Road, Udu Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. In 2010, the company expanded to take an active role in the reconstruction of critical IT and telecommunications infrastructure in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria to help facilitate its progression into a new era of economic and social freedom.

Using our extensive international experience, we have developed partnerships with best-of-breed technology vendors, allowing us to deliver true world-class solutions from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components with unprecedented price and performance. AusCorp™ delivers complete, next generation solutions by integrating these products with the best technical, deployment, support and maintenance expertise.

From inception, the firm benefited immensely from the dynamism and foresight of her founder, the Augustine Imonikoko , widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s finest ICT practitioners with an international standing of repute for adherence to the highest standards of Professional Practice, Ethics and above all Integrity; principles which have remain the guiding tenets of our firm.

AusCorp™ Board of Directors and most staffs has undergone intensive and professional training, both locally and internationally and ever since, has remained in the forefront of setting Information and Communication  standards for Development, Adoption and Deployment of the Auscorp International Company most up-to-date technology in the delivery of quality ICT services to her clients.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to convert knowledge, enthusiasm and effort into ICT solutions that improve the results, productivity and efficiency of your organization.

And we achieve this by basing our services on three main axes:

    -  Innovation applying new techniques and pioneering ideas in the sector;
    -  Experience and knowledge treasured by our internationally recognized professionals; and
    -  Effort to apply all the above in each project, ensuring quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Vision:
Is to become one of the premier ICT solution providers in the heart of Africa, delivering best-of-breed, world-class technology, products and services which offer our customers both a competitive edge and value for money throughout the Africa and the world at large.

Our Mission
Is to deliver a distinctive competitive advantage to our customers by combining technology and industry leadership with a complete focus on satisfying customer’s short and long term requirements. Our aim is to continuously meet the expectations of our customers, employees and stakeholders by providing quality, timely and cost effective value-added solutions from world class vendors, through excellent service delivered by highly trained and motivated people.

Our Focus
Customer Satisfaction. A lot of our personnel may have finally changed but our focus and commitment to our customers has not. AusCorp™ is one of the leading provider of IT solutions and Business solutions in the Warri – Udu region. Partnering with the best of breed technologies such as Google, Adobe, LinkOrion, Microsoft and Symantec, utilizing codes of best practice developed over thirty years of service. We are still very committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve their business and computing objectives.

Key Success Factors
Our success is the result of coordinated and focused efforts aligning our strategic objectives with our customers and partners’ needs and requirements. We are:

1.    Customer oriented

2.   Technically Capable

3.   Execution Efficient

4.   Locally and Internationally Experienced

5.   Focused on Core Business

6.   Results driven

7.    Socially responsible

Our Success
Is measured by our ability to create a unique and high value-add solutions that appeal to a broad, regional market; complete solutions capable of changing established business and technological models. AusCorp™ must continue to implement these solutions reliably with high levels of expertise and professionalism, and our focus on customer satisfaction delivers a competency based trust that turns customers into long term, referencable patronage.

Our Culture
AusCorp™ strongly believes in management by “tacit interaction”: fostering organizational effectiveness through learning, collaboration, innovation and increasing the effectiveness of our interactions with our customers, suppliers, vendors and our business environment. Technology Partners’ team is highly empowered to differentiate themselves by increasing their productivity through a complex mixture of team innovation, problem solving and information exchange.

Our Values
Flexibility, Integrity, Teamwork, Fidelity, Creativity and Innovation.

Our People
At AusCorp™, we take enormous pride in the depth of experience within our team in a wide range of subject matters. Our team includes Telecom and IT professionals, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Professional Accountants and MBA’s with extensive international commercial experience.

Our Solutions
Our primary activities are centered on strategic business units: US and European Systems and softwares, Digital City Solutions, Software Services, and Federal Systems. These units offers a wide range of specialized and valuable consultancy and integration services to Utilities, Government, GSM operators, Telecommunication service providers, municipalities, infrastructure service providers, and municipal-scale developers.

Our Industry
The IT and Telecommunications industry continues to grow at a rapid rate in the West African Region. The deregulations in the telecommunications market where second and third GSM licenses are being awarded are providing many business opportunities for AusCorp™. More Telecommunication IPO's and increased liquidity in the region drive the operators for expansion and more spending on their infrastructure as well as their Operational Support and Business Support Systems.
Municipal-scale applications such as next generation digital video surveillance and automated utility meter reading (AMR) have been created by the convergence of IP appliances (IP video cameras, parking meters, and utility meters), converged municipal-scale fibred and wireless networking technology, and distributed management and control systems. Security, management and control applications can now be implemented on a scale never before possible, and are becoming increasingly important components of the rapidly expanding West African infrastructures.

AusCorp™ has invested heavily in understanding next generation municipal-scale and telecommunications technology and its potential applications. We have developed and strengthened our strategic relationships with world-class component vendors, and have trained our personnel in all of the new technologies.

Auscorp International Company (Incorporated ICT Company) Our firm has for over six years been providing for the benefit of our local and international clients the broadest spectrum of professional ICT Services, Equipment, Research and Consultancy services utilizing the most appropriate and current technologies available to help ensure that our clients maximize the gains accruing from proper ICT services and solutions.
Personally, it is a source of great pride for me to have witnessed the development of our firm from her most humble beginnings to become the model firm in what is indeed amongst dynamic and competitive industry and market by investing in the most current service delivery technologies and above all, the talents and skills of our most dedicated staff.
At AusCorp™, our commitment to the tenets of adherence to professional Principles, provision of unrivalled Services, Results and Commitment to growth with Integrity of our firm and those we serve through access to the finest technical and technological resources while developing new products and services that add value to existing clients programmes and delivery of equipment and services that are truly world class remain our goal.

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