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Unbiased real-time in-app bidding solution launches

AppLovin announced the launch of MAX, an unbiased real-time in-app bidding solution, less than a year after its acquisition of MAX Inc. Since its beta period in early 2019, MAX has been offering advertisers equal opportunity to bid simultaneously on each impression in a publisher’s inventory via a single unified auction. This process is meant to yield the highest possible cost per mille (CPM) and increase average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) for developers.

And, it’s working. Since launching, MAX has been adopted by today’s top gaming publishers, and they are consistently achieving higher ad revenue. Nine out of the top 22 gaming publishers have made the switch from other leading mediation tools to MAX, and they are already seeing increases in their ad revenue with the technology. As a result, MAX is being recognized across the mobile industry as a premium monetization solution

“We think MAX promises a more equal and unbiased way to monetize. We were excited to try MAX to improve our monetization and further fuel our growth,” said Akin Babayigit, co-founder and chief operating officer at Tripledot Studios. “Since using MAX, we have increased our revenues in an efficient manner.”

In-app bidding brings networks together for the common good of the developers they support, along with the entire mobile app ecosystem. MAX has seen adoption from more than 18 mediated SDK networks, including Facebook Audience Network.

“We believe app bidding is the future of mobile app monetization,” said Vijay Balan, Head of Publisher Solutions Partnerships, Facebook Audience Network. “By providing equal access and transparency, app bidding improves the efficiency of monetization for all parties involved. We’re happy to partner with MAX as we move the industry beyond the traditional monetization solutions and increase the opportunity for all mobile app developers.”

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