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Web Development and Management

Web Development and Management

We know that your corporate website is your online voice and face. Auscorp International web, development  and management team take tremendous effort to ensure that your online image accurately represents your business and your business’s values.  We have developed websites for large corporations, governments, sports stars, authors, and more.  With over 15 years of website design experience, we have developed streamlined processes that allow us to quickly and effectively develop your new website from conception to completion.

We offer a complete suite of website templates as well as full custom design services.  All of our sites are responsively designed and completely SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compatible.  We work with all the major website design tools and suites such as frameworks, content management systems and database engines ranging from Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MySQL, etc…


Web development and management comes in many forms.  If your company has an internal marketing department who takes care of the daily updating, our role may simply be coding support.  For smaller organizations we often take care of the daily updating, feature additions, and anything else required to keep a website running.

Here are a few of the many website management services we offer:

  • Reactive Website AntiVirus and Firewall

  • Professional HackGuard and Intrusion Prevention

  • Advanced application hosting for core programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more

  • Monthly updating and service plans

  • Redesign Service Plans

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plans and Campaigns

Our website management plans come in all shapes and sizes and are tailored to meet your specific needs and your budget. Contact one of our web specialists today to determine if and how we can help your team manage your web presence.

For examples of some of our work, please visit our portfolio.

For more examples of ways Laughing Rock Technology can help your company increase its web presence and present a more effective online image, please contact us through our site.


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